So Sweet Šticle ~ pt. 1

9 Apr

This post is a continuation of my previous one, titled: Feeling Good about Šticle.

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Feeling good about Šticle

7 Apr

Where better to draw inspiration from, than from my own culture?

Šticle, (shtiz- leh) are little  wristlets made from coloured wool, simultaneously beaded while knitted on two needles.

They are found in the Panonian area of Croatia – typically from areas of Slavonija, Valpova, Bizovac, and Baranja.

I have a certain love for these, as they are so specific to certain nosnje, and each pair has its own uniqueness. They come in a variety of colours – from red, brown, black, to multi-coloured, incorporating yellow, blue and green.

So it is with this inspiration, and my former project of wrist/ arm warmers, that I am making some So Sweet accessories that bring together my love of accessories and my love of Croatian folklore.

stay tuned…. 🙂 they will be appearing in my Etsy shop shortly!

Etsy Treasury

4 Apr

I have been keeping busy with my needles, but in the past two weeks, I have discovered a beautiful thing called the Etsy Treasury.

Each treasury is made by Etsy users, and acts like a mini online gallery.

It is such a great way to showcase your favourite works, and sometimes popular treasuries end up on the front page of Etsy.

Here are some recent treasuries that have featured So Sweet goodies!


The scent of spring flowers by estelladesign

White Dreams by inbarjewelry

Pastel by GoddessOfJewelry

Honey and Milk for your sunday morning by ollina

Cotton Candy by MHaynes2009

PIF trasury list for this snowy mountain day by RaisedBedz

warm my wrists this spring…

19 Mar

Have a look at my page ~ on the needles ~! I am working on some great arm-warmers for LOVAS – set to appear in his new Autumn/Winter collection.

Progress: almost done! 🙂 I’m working on the second pair now. Have a peek at the cozy black merino wool warmers…

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an ode to my knitting machine

16 Mar

I first got my knitting machine in December 2009.

In the beginning, I was very overwhelmed. Being a hand-knitter first and foremost, I found it to be a tremendous challenge to begin a technique that was completely backwards to me.

It took me quite some time to get the hang of it, and essentially learn how to knit backwards, but now that I am a little more experienced, I can experiment more!

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