warm my wrists this spring…

19 Mar

Have a look at my page ~ on the needles ~! I am working on some great arm-warmers for LOVAS – set to appear in his new Autumn/Winter collection.

Progress: almost done! 🙂 I’m working on the second pair now. Have a peek at the cozy black merino wool warmers…

So this project reminded me of my very first knitting project! It was the first thing I ever made – Mama taught me how, and Seka inspired me.

March 2007

It was really simple actually. I used a 2 x 2 rib, and had a seam along the side that I stitched up later. However, since it was my first project, I did not quite know how to shape stitches and, and left a hole for the thumb along the side. It was pretty successful for my first try.

NOW, while playing with fun colours and shaping correctly, I’m making warmers that are great for not only winter – but spring and fall (by choosing fibres that are lighter – i.e. cotton). After all, living in Ontario sometimes leaves spring quite chilly out. So shouldn’t we wear fun spring colours while still keeping warm?

This pair was so much fun! Made with 100% organic cotton, the colours reminded me of spring, and Easter! Also, they have a proper thumb-hole!

You can expect this pair on Etsy next week!


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