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So Sweet Šticle ~ pt. 1

9 Apr

This post is a continuation of my previous one, titled: Feeling Good about Šticle.

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Feeling good about Šticle

7 Apr

Where better to draw inspiration from, than from my own culture?

Šticle, (shtiz- leh) are little  wristlets made from coloured wool, simultaneously beaded while knitted on two needles.

They are found in the Panonian area of Croatia – typically from areas of Slavonija, Valpova, Bizovac, and Baranja.

I have a certain love for these, as they are so specific to certain nosnje, and each pair has its own uniqueness. They come in a variety of colours – from red, brown, black, to multi-coloured, incorporating yellow, blue and green.

So it is with this inspiration, and my former project of wrist/ arm warmers, that I am making some So Sweet accessories that bring together my love of accessories and my love of Croatian folklore.

stay tuned…. 🙂 they will be appearing in my Etsy shop shortly!

Turning over a new page…

15 Mar

So Sweet has been my baby since 2009. It has brought my so much pleasure, confusion, frustration, smiles, tears, and most importantly knowledge. Now, it is time to move it in a slightly different direction.

I created some fun things, but now it’s time to create for Kristina. Drawing inspiration from my Croatian culture, I plan to design and create things that belong to a unique “Kristina style,” and if you happen to like it… even better!

Please keep visiting this website blog. I will keeping you up-to-date with new pattern designs, favourite knitting techniques, fresh inspiration and new sales on my Etsy Shop.

I am really excited about the new Kristina, and the new So Sweet and I hope you are too!