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Dear Kristina,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for the beautiful dolls you made for our flower girls.  I knew I wanted something special to give to the girls as a keepsake to remind them of our special day, but I was not sure what that special gift would be!  When I saw your beautiful collection of dolls I knew I had found the perfect gift – but then you took it a step further and suggested the dolls be in the girls’ image – even replicating the outfits they would be wearing that day!  I was thrilled!  You truly offer a product that is made from the heart and is of the utmost quality.  I look forward to seeing more of your work, and hopefully starting my own collection of “So-Sweet” dolls.
Thanks again and best of luck!
Carol Anne Skorvaga

I asked Kristina if she could create two dolls which represented me and my husband on our wedding day. She added so many details and asked the prefect questions to create what I (the bride) was really going to look like on my big day, down to the smallest of details such as earrings, veil, and flower colours. My husband actually has fuzzy like hair and she made the doll identical to him. The dolls were exactly what I wanted and so much more. Kristina thank you soo much, I love the dolls you made for us, and they are on display for everyone to see.

Best in Show: Best Splurge Gift!
Savvy Mom
November, 12 2009


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